Thursday, January 7, 2010

Up and Coming

Hello dears! So, I still have yet to get the new OPI collection because there is only 1 store (yes, I said 1 friggin' store) in the whole city that is going to carry that collection and that single store still Hasn't gotten the darned thing yet. They told me that it should arrive some time next week. Because next week is so close to the collections release date, WHICH WAS THE FRIGGIN SECOND. Anyway, reviews and pictures will be available then. As for things already here, MAC has released it's Love Lace collection as well as it's Warm and Cozy collection. Love Lace is made up of some very pretty, slightly frosty shadows a few Kohl power eye pencils (which are, in my opinion, the best waterline pencils ever. period.) two lipsticks and two lipglasses. As is usual for MAC a few are re-promoted colors or re-released colors. The warm and cozy collection is created of more neutral pinkish shades and browns, but the colors look very pretty. This collection includes some shadesticks as well as tinted lip conditioners and mineralized skin finishes. I have yet to make it down to my Macy's to check out the collections, intentionally. I, as an awesomely broke college student, budget for my addictions. Thus, I save up and go down when I feel I have sufficient funding and do a small splurge. Thus, I'll likely pop down in the next few weeks and pick up a few things to show you. However, while I am there I'll make sure to check out everything so I can give a basic review/overview of my thoughts on the collections. MAC also has a collection due out the 10th called MAC in Lilyland that I am terribly excited about. Mainly due to the Purple Dash Technakohl liner. The colors in this one are bright, summery as just plain awesome. Plus it has some lipgelee's which I'm dying to try. Now that the new and soon to be have been laid at your feet, I'm going to eat my lunch. Which, due to laziness is spaghetti. Tomorrow I will try to post some nail or make-up pictures for your viewing pleasure. If there is one in particular you like, I can do a step by step picture tutorial post....or be super awesome and put up a tutorial on youtube. Your choice.

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