Monday, January 11, 2010

Alice in Wonderland collection

We finally have it (mostly)!!!!! *enter cheers of happiness*. So, between my fellow book/nail nut, who btw will be co-blogging with me due to my terribly forgetful nature, we have all the colors except Off With Her Red! From just seeing the colors, we have determined they are wonderful and, most definitely, not for the subtle. These colors are punch-you-in-the-face spectacular. If you want compliments and look-at-me's this is your collection. Seriously. However, to add in a caution, this is definitely NOT a collection for those who fear the glitter (as you can see in my previous post with the bottles). Now, we have decided to do the colors one at a time to give them our undivided attention, and to also give you the best description possible. I'm doing Mad as a Hatter and Thanks so Muchness! and Heather will be doing Absolutely Alice. We also have piccies to post as we paint. Her nails are the perfect, pretty ones. Mine are almost always a tad messy and much shorter. Long nails don't do well at my job and on the messy-ness....well I'm just too lazy to be that careful. =0). So, here we go (and also, this will be done in parts over a few days and added in).

Mad as a Hatter: This color is great. It's like a friggin' party in a bottle. It's a compilation of clear polish with silver, green, purple-ish glitter. It sounds strange, but when you put it on it's pretty much like Mardi Gras mated with a Disco ball...and I like it. I've had a not so great week and I just needed sparkles and this color fit the bill perfectly. Now, for application, it does take a few coats to reach opacity. Which can also be a plus, because since it's sheer-ish upon first coat, it's a great color to pop on top of a cream polish for some extra punch. It took me two moderate coats to cover my nail. Also, I top coated with Seche Vite, which by it's formula is already super thick (and amazing). The polish, due to it's graininess from the glitter, is still grainy feeling even after the Vite. It took a double top coat application to get a smooth feeling to the nail. On the plus side, however, for glitter it is incredibly easy to remove. So, all in all, this color is perfect for bad days, sexy days or any other day in which you wish to sthparkle! Oh, and sorry, in the pics it seems more silvery-purple and you lose the green a bit. And as for the innocent self was attacked by a broken glass in a very violent manner.

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