Sunday, January 3, 2010

So, Mermaid to Order eh?

So, my pretties, this (as you can tell....since I'm assuming your all well past the drooling ape-like cave-woman/man, precognitive state...well most of you are anyway...) is my beauty blog. Which, while similar in hilarity and the epic awesomeness that can be witnessed in my book blog...has nothing to do with books. Here, I shall allow you all to frolic in the playground that is sephora, ulta, lush, opi and other awesome goodness with me. I will point you in new (and sometimes interesting) directions with my decidedly awesome (I hope if I keep saying that eventually someone will believe me...even if it is a strange homeless guy somewhere who wants to feel pretty) girlie-tastic skills (or lack thereof...but I get an A for effort). For those of you new to awesome nail-ness. My go-to brand of awesomeness is OPI or any contingent of OPI. Hence the name, Mermaid to Order, which is one of my very favorite Sephora by OPI colors (I'll put a pic at the end of the post, promise). I plan to put up hauls, tutorials, reviews and any sweet pictures I deem worthy. Feel free to plunder the knowledge within my brain (if you need directions, the girly section is north of the books, past the x-men, hang a right at the star wars, avoid the pointless knowledge area (they'll never let you leave) and don't forget to stop by the cotton candy booth near the back).

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