Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Youtube and update

Hello lovelies!! So, this is a quick update for you. I've posted a few new youtube videos, one of which is really cool neon eye look. I'm also planning to post a new eye tomorrow, but it's going to be a back to school gold and purple that's a tad more subdued. If you want to check it out, my account is TheAnomalousIzzie. Also, I believe I may have to go shopping soon. There are some MAC shadows that have caught my eye as well as OPI's swiss collection. When I say collection, I mean the whole darned thing. Anywho, more to come shortly!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vintage Vixen Nail Designs

Hello All!!! So, Heather and myself each did an inventory of our nail polishes, complete with swatches. Or rather I should say I did, Heather is still working on hers. We concluded that while we both have waay to much nail polish Heather has wandered into the field of obsession; not that I'm complaining mind you, because I get to use all of her colors. Now, I bet your wondering why my swatches are done, and hers aren't even close. Is it because I'm proactive? A go getter? No, not really. It's because her polish collection is quite a bit larger than mine. How much larger you ask? Oh, about 100 polishes larger. So, if we're patient we shall soon be able to witness the sheer awesomeness of her nail collection. I may post mine later and may post my small amounts of make-up for you, but that is not what this post is about. This post is in honor of the girlie day my dear friends and I are having. We did some rocking nails, and thought you might enjoy. Now note, these may be a tad messy, but come on people. we're drinking mimosas. That by itself should may you gasp in awe. =0)
Alright ladies: These nails are a combo of awesome polish and konad! The green is Nicole Make Mine Lime, Blue: OPI Catch Me in your Net, Pink: The Face Shop PK106 (note this is a Singapore brand compliments of my sweetie's brothers girlfriend. Thanks much!!), Yellow: Sephora by OPI Cab Fare. Basically, just put angled stripes in different colors, let them overlap (it makes cool new colors). The print is Konad, it's plate m51. Topped, of course, by Seche Vite. 
This beauty is Heather's handiwork. There's no Konad involved here, just time, patience and skill with a nail brush. The base is Swing Baby from the new Vintage Vixen collection by China Glaze. The red is Royal Rajah Ruby by OPI. 
This baby is about as far as my skills go =0). The base is Midnight Mission, the french tip is Swing Baby and the dots are First Class Ticket. All are from the Vintage Vixen Collection by China Glaze. 
Alright lovelies, here we go: White: Alpine Snow by OPI, Yellow: Cab Fare by Sephora by OPI, pink: The Face Shop PK 106, Green: Make  Mine Lime by Nicole, Purple: Dream On by Sinful. Red Bombshalle by Utla, Blue sparkles: Absolutely Alice by OPI, Black: Black Onyx by OPI, Orange: In My Back Pocket by OPI, Cream Blue: Robyn by Zoya. Purple & Pink Sparkles: Stripe Rite.
The colors here are Dream On by Sinful. The Face Shop BL 603, Cab Fare, Alpine Snow =0)
I hope you enjoyed. And as a side note, the Vintage Vixen collection colors are uber fabulous. The only exception is the Camel colored one. It may just be my skin tone, but I didn't find this one flattering at all. It goes on smooth, dries quickly and doesn't bubble. Two thumbs up from both of us!!