Thursday, December 30, 2010


I'm super excited and patiently awaiting Monday. For those of you who are unaware, Zoya decided to do a facebook promo and promised to give away 3 free full size bottles of nail polish to all of their supporters if they could get 20,000 people to "like" them on facebook. I, being the nail polish spaz I am, jumped on the chance. So now, it's december 30th and I already have my polishes chosen and in my cart while I patiently await Monday and the promo code. The colors I chose were Tallulah, Juno and Freja. Tallulah I fell in love with instantaneously. My fellow nail freak got a spoon of the color and it is the most perfect shade of Cerulean blue (my favorite color), so I HAD to have it. Now. Juno is an awesome purple-blue that is just....vibrant. It's phenomenal. freja is a steeley gun metal blue that is unique and I have nothing like it. Needless to say I'm terribly excited. I am awaiting Monday. =0(

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